Changi, then home

Its 12.28am Rome time, 6.28am Changi time and god knows what time in Sydney. We’ve just been called, so I’ve got to go


Almost done

Well it’s Saturday morning and it’s down to tidying up the loose ends and getting ready to come home.
The last few days were spent catching up with relatives from the ever expanding family.
Today we return the Audi (sob, sob) and then jump on a train in Treviso at about 3pm Italian time, heading to Rome.
Sunday will see us up early, catch a train from our motel to the aeroporto and leave bella Italia to be home on Monday.
See you soon!

Off the air briefly

We are moving to another Zia’s house, possibly without Internet. So we may be off the air for a couple of days. Ciao till the weekend…….maybe!

But wait…there’s more!

Luckily Mariangela and Lucca (Zia Maria and Zio Artemio’s daughter & son-in-law) have a wireless router that sends out a signal far enough for us to connect downstairs in Zia & Zio’s apartment, and they have been generous in letting us use it whenever we like. So there may be a few more posts before we leave for Rome on Saturday afternoon, and fly out on Sunday, home on Monday. Where have the 4 weeks gone?

We left Lake Garda about 0930 and arrived Saturday afternoon about 1500 after a beautiful drive down from Brenzone to  Paese via Trento, through the Val Sugana and Bassano del Grappa that was all downhill. The weather was warming up all the way, and ever since Spring seems to have sprung in earnest.

Val Sugana

After being well fed on Saturday night, we were invited to go to Movieland on Sunday, a theme park like the Movieworld in QLD and it was…guess where…….on the shores of Lake Garda! Mariangela, Lucca, Lucy and I escorted Dom, Matt, Marco, Mattia (Mariangela’s and Lucca’s boys) and 2 of Marco’s soccer friends, Andrea and Antonio.

It was a top day – lots of rides, a stunt show featuring a Colombian John Rambo and a Guerra de Acqua (war of water) of monumental proportions. The park had catapaults that threw water bombs at targets, but they could be manipulated to throw them 50 or 60 meters in ANY direction! So we started well behaved, then ended up bombing passersby, people on nearby rides and then it escalated to drenching each others with water bombs, drink bottles or whatever came to hand!

Le Grande Guerra de Acqua

The day ended with what should have been a 2 hour drive home taking 4 and a half hours, due to the chaos that are the Italian roads on a Sunday when everyone seemed to be in the Garda area! 2 hours for 2 kms, then 2 hours for the other 198kms!

Dinner was late, but still a 3 course feast, tirimasu for dessert!

Today was a lazy day, with visits, a walk through Paese to see the old family house and a successful experiement with Skype that should allow the members of the family on opposite sides of the world to see each other live! The Skype is scheduled for Wednesday morning Italian time (about 1630 Australian Eastern Time). Here’s hoping the Skype, Internet and Wireless gods are with us! Dom also got to play some street soccer with the locals and then with Marco’s mates in the local park, and Matt and Mattia played some racquet games.

Dom takes them on…

Matteo and Mattia

Tuesday the Joneses hit Venice, a lovely birthday present for Dom and Lucy.

Thats all folks…maybe?

This could be my last post in Italy….because the iPhone mobile internet FAILED again, this time for the final time. We are not going to spend another € on it! So I’m taking the opportunity of using the WiFi at the house to post our adventures for today. With no guarantee of WiFi anywhere else, and the iPhone now just a camera, the next story could be in person.

Today we drove an epic 6 hours through the Passo del Tonale to Lake Como, which we thought would be a cruisy drive through the country. Never has a more false thought been had. We actually climbed out of Lake Garda, drove windy roads along a pass through the Dolomites just below the snow line, saw people in cable cars going skiing, then descended to Lake Como. The descent took about and hour and a half. Skiing in May here is like skiing in Australia in November.

Here’s a shot of the Dolomite del Brentino

Lake Como was pretty awesome too, and we visited Villa Borbidella, where Star Wars and James Bond movies were shot. Lucy and I recreated Anakin and Padme’s wedding, because the boys were too chicken!

Here’s a couple of pictures from there

Lake Como from the Villa

Multiple boys

We came home the more conventional way, on the Autostrada. Every time I drive above 130km/h, a warning chime tells you you’ve just broken the national speed limit! But it doesn’t stop you going faster. So I tried to see how fast I could go, traffic dependant. The Audi was still climbing at 170km/h! I had to give up but what a car!

Anyway, this may or may not be the last time I post before we come back. Stay tuned!

Tomorrow we leave for Treviso and the family!

Ciao, and thanks to those who wished me happy birthday. What a cool place to spend it!


Here at Lake Garda

Hi Everyone,
We are here at Lake Garda staying in a fantastic place over looking the lake. The roof is low and sloping and it is dangerous to Dad’s head.

You are looking through our window

We had an awesome time at Gardaland on Monday. Gardaland is a bit like Dream World and Sea World but 10 times better. My favourite ride was the Mammut, which was a rollercoaster ride that lasted a long time. Longer than any rollercoaster I’ve ever done.

King Matthew

What sort of potion would you like?

On Tuesday we went on the cable car to Monte Baldo which is 1760m and played in the snow. It was lots of fun.

On top of Monte Baldo with Dad

Halfway up Monte Baldo

Yesterday we went to Milan and saw the big cathederal and walked on the roof, which was a bit scary but exciting all at the same time. We also went to the San Siro which was gigantic. The San Siro is the home ground of AC Milan and Inter Milan rival Italian soccer teams.

Dom and I on top of the Cathederal in Milan

The Milan Catheral (or as the italians say Il Duomo)

On top of Il Duomo (Dad was a bit worried when he saw cracks in the roof tiles)

Hope you like the photos



well we have been cruising around for the best part of a month but I have seemingly failed to find my favourite place no offense to the cousins but lake Garda and Milan are the best places on earth.

a few days ago we found a theme park that totally farted on dream world and anywhere else you could think of it was called Garda land and man it was insane. there were rides that kept you upside down for more than forty seconds ill try to explain there was a four person cart that went up at a forty-five degree angle there mr reggitire there’s my math for the holiday then it leveled out and the track suddenly disappeared then you realise that you are going to fall out of the sky or the decent is so steep that you gonna lose your lunch but no these are both wrong you get to the tip of the edge the go underneath completely upside down i know this sounds weird but ill show you pictures anyway there was another one that tim i think you would like it. it was a roller coaster slash shooter where you had to shoot targets while on a coaster and at the end were the total points that each person scored matt got 4500 dad got “7000 or something” mum got 2900 it wasnt the best effort ever and me im being modest here i won my score was 10210 yeah thats right im the best sorry im supposed to be modest huh well that hasn’t rubbed of on me yet. another one of my faves is the Blue tornado oh my god that was fast it was like a cross between a rollercoaster and those star wars vehicles who can jump to Lightspeed by touching a button you are strapped into the chair by your shoulders then you go up at a 75 degree angle mr regittire im the greatest mathematician then down and doing loops and banks and outside loops and corkscrews at like a billion miles an hour.

The Blue Tornado


we went to milan and i was literly an my knees begging everyone if we could go to milans home ground THE SAN SIRO and it was ooohhhh and thats the only way i can describe it other words and noises include wow awesome hugmungus royal soccer palace and just oooohhhhh we went inside for a tour which consisted of 5 mins of info then 15 just wondering around the place then i was time to go and buy something from the shop so i rose to the ocasion and bought a A C Milan Jersey with my name and number on the back all for 59 euros which was like so cheap cause the jersey was cu down from seventy to fifty nine then the letters and number were going to be fifteen euros but today they free so i got an amazing shirt for 59 euros we lso went through the hall of fame for A C and Inter and I spotted some standout players from each side there was eto’o and cafu and shevchanko and courtesca and on and on.

AC Milan’s new #8

Big Stadio

The Field

Monte baldo

have to make this quick so we went to the top of a really tall mountain 1760m then i climbed another 200m by myself so thats 1960m to get a crazy veiw of the area but i didnt have a camera so i cant show you any of it me and matt had a snow fight and being in shorts and t shirt yeah it was fun i now have a cold but hey it was all about the experience

Where’s Dommy? (Hint…look for the red dot)


im still alive cheerio


PS y did i say cheerio sorry everyone